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Marriage in Islam


Islam’s teachings help us to form a pious family and keep it on the right way .

Marriage :

  • must be done by love for Allah. Its reasons must be: making a Muslim family, having children, spreading Allah’s word and, through children , helping the human specie’s continuity. The Prophet ( salallahu aleyhi wa salaam ) said that if a man marry a woman by love for Allah then Allah will bless him with her and her with him.
  • stops us from looking at forbidden things in order to protect our purity and faith. The Prophet ( salallahu aleyhi wa salaam ) said that three people deserve help from Allah: the mujahid ( defender ) on Islam’s way, the tutor and the person who marry in order to protect his purity. He also said the person who marry completes half of his religion so he must fear Allah just for the other half.
  • must be built starting with taking the best decision in choosing a life partner . The Prophet ( salallahu aleyhi wa salaam ) said that we must choose the best for our generation because the mistake of one generation can be followed by crises.
  • to choose a life partner having as qualities: good behavior, religious responsibility and not richness or beauty.


  • to treat our partner as well as possible in order to have a well understanding and trust between us. The Prophet ( salallahu aleyhi wa salaam ) said that the best man is that who treats the best his wife.
  • to achieve harmonious thinking and spirit based on love and not only on sexual fitting. To read, adore Allah, organize things concerning our home, to have fun and play together. The Prophet ( salallahu aleyhi wa salaam ) used to have fun with his wife Aisha by playing diverting games and also helped her with housework even repairing shoes.
  • to have a relation based on Islam and never lose the right way of Islam because of laziness or weakness. The Prophet ( salallahu aleyhi wa salaam ) said that a man who obey the commands of a woman to accomplish her desires will be sent in Hell by Allah and a man must be ashamed if he becomes a slave of his wife.


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