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The Good Tree

Imagine a muslim as a tree..having as seed the shahadah affirmation of God’s unity which permeates and colours every cell . The roots , which nourish the tree and grant it stability , are the Articles of Faith : belief in God , in His angels , holy books , prophets , the Day of Judgement and Divine destiny . The trunk grows through faith in God and His Messenger which extends from the seed to the branches which represent the Five Pillars which give the tree its shape and habit . The leaves are the Islamic manners and customs such as greeting with ‘ salaam ‘ or wearing the islamic dress ; they are what make the tree attractive and recognizable from a distance and provide benefits as shading to other creatures..trees are ignores when have no leaves . But in the end , a tree’s purpose remains unfulfilled until it bears fruit and our tree’s fruit is the good character with qualities such as truthfulness , patience , courage , empathy , love and compassion , along with all the other things that we desire in a friend , spouse or colleague ; namely , the things that makes us human . Inshallah it will be an unlimited forest…


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