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Being Muslim

Being Muslim by faith means:

  • belive that Allah is the Creator of Universe and He is enough for Himself and He does not need his creations;
  • belive that Allah create this World with a specific purpose because Allah did not create the Universe for nothing;
  • belive that the purpose of Life in this world is to discover Allah as he described Himself in Qur’an , to obey and adore Allah; in Qur’an are mentioned many attributes which Allah is the only who deserves all forms of adoration; He distinct from His creations , He does not have a son or a father and no other similar with Him. He does not need help from His creations but His creations need His help. He is Unic.
  • belive that Paradise is the reward for the believer and Hell is the punishment for the unbeliever;
  • belive that all the people can do good actions and avoid sin by effort and will but only if Allah wills;
  • feel that Allah see you when you are alone and also when you are in public ( both in private and public );
  • belive that Allah sent His messengers with revealed Books for all people to discover Him , to find out their purpose in this world and to know their final destination. Prophet Mohammed ( salallahu aleyhi wa salaam ) is the last prophet sent by Allah. He was helped and powered by Allah with Qur’an , the single miracle which lasts forever until The Day Of Judgement.
  • belive that Allah is the only who has the right to draw the laws of shariah;
  • love Allah so strongly that your heart searches for Him permanently. This love for Allah has as result good deeds , sacrifices and efforts to follow His way and stops you from sinful acts influenced even by your attachment to this ephemere world or to your family. Sacrifice on the way of Allah for getting the highest level of Faith :

1. to love Allah and his messager more than anything else ;

2. to love someone just due to his love for Allah ;

3. to hate the return to unfaith as you hate to be sent in Hell;

  • adore Allah The Almighty and not admitting any equal or associate related to the message sent by Him through prophets and His messengers;
  • discover Allah through His names attributes. Abu Hurairah revealed a Hadith of the Prophet ( salallahu aleyhi wa salaam ) :

‘ ‘ Allah has 99 names ,100 without one ; who will memorize them will enter the Heaven. Allah is without pair and He loves what is unpair. ‘ ‘

  • remember Allah permanently in order that your sayings to mean remembrance and your silence to represent meditation to His creations. This remembrance of Allah is the best medicine for replenishing the soul.also it is the best weapon for fighting against life’s problems and worries. The remembrance of Allah is what is missing nowadays to society;
  • meditate at Allah’s creations and not at His descriptions because ‘ ‘ you will not be able to understand ‘ ‘ as prophet Mohammed ( salallahu aleyhi wa salaam ) said;
  • fear just Allah. The respect for Allah and the fear for broking the tie between you and Him determine you to avoid all forbidden things;
  • believe and trust Allah in any situation. This will generate such a spiritual power that you will get over life’s problems easily. Prophet Mohammed ( salallahu aleyhi wa salaam ) said :

‘ ‘ Protect Allah and Allah will protect you. Pay attention to Allah and He will be with you. If you ask , ask Allah , if you search for help , search for Allah’s help. If all people would come together for you to get something , you would get just what Allah already coose for you , and if they would come together for hurting you , they will not be able to hurt you more than Allah already prescribed for you. The pens are up and the pages are already dry ‘ ‘

  • be grateful to Allah for His forgiveness and blessings. Allah promised He will increase His forgiveness and His blessings will be more for those who are grateful to Him and He will punish those who are not grateful;
  • regret and ask for forgiveness to Allah. The act of regretting and asking forgiveness makes sins to be forbidden , purify soul and faith and gives a feeling of tranquility and peace.


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