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Beauty Tips from Imam Ibn Taymiyyah

Millions of pounds are spent every year by people on beauty products throughout the world with the hope to enhance their beauty or erase some of the unwanted features the may have on their face and other parts of the body. The pressure to spend on beauty products in this age is higher than ever. … Continue reading

O, Turner of the Hearts!

يا مقلب القلوب ثبت قلبي على دينك Ya Muqallib al-Quluub, thabbit qalbi `ala Deenik. ‘O Turner of the Hearts – keep my heart firm on Your way.’[Sahih Muslim] It is essential for us, to know and understand the workings and composition of our hearts. In that, if our hearts are corrupt; if our intentions are … Continue reading

Verily with Hardship comes Ease

by Aa’id ‘Abdullâh al-Qarnî At a time in which the Muslims are beset with trials from every periphery, it is a time when Muslims should continue being Muslims, only better Muslims. I would say to my dear brothers and sisters in Islam “don’t be sad”; if you are on the true religion – believing in … Continue reading

Key Principles for Success

1. Passion Even so, there are some who choose to worship others besides God as rivals to Him, loving them with the love due to God, but the believers have greater love for God. [2:165] It goes without saying that you cannot successfully accomplish a goal without having the passion inside to reach it. If … Continue reading

Achieving a Positive State of Mind

We have all heard about the importance of inculcating Khushu in our prayers. It refers to a state of mind when we stand in front of Allah and fully direct our minds and hearts towards Him. Ibn al-Qayyim defined Khushu as a state “. . . when the heart feels aware and humble before the … Continue reading


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