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“… surely He is the Forgiving, the One Who multiplies the rewards” (Quran, 35:30). Linguistically, “al-Shakoor” is derived from the root word shukr which conveys the meaning of: an increase. Arabs describe a land as such if its plants are abundant. They describe an animal as such if it is fattened.┬áPlants sustained by a little … Continue reading

The Most Beautiful Names

The names of Allaah and His attributes that are mentioned in the Book and Sunnah, signify Allaah’s absolute perfection from all angles. Knowledge of Allaah leads to love of Him, fear and reverence of Him, hope in Him and sincerity of action for Him alone. There is no way towards knowing Allaah except by way … Continue reading

99 Names of ALLAH

AL-QUDDUS (The Holy) AL-MALIK (The Sovereign Lord) AL-RAHIM (The Mercifull) AL-RAHMAN (The Beneficent) ALLAH (The Name Of God) AL-JABBAR (The Compeller) AL-AZIZ (The Mighty) AL-MUHAYMIN (The Protector) AL-MU’MIN (The Guardian Of Faith) AL-SALAM (The Source Of Peace) AL-GHAFFAR (The Forgiver) AL-MUSAWWIR (The Fashioner) AL-BARI (The Evolver) AL-KHALIQ (The Creator) AL-MUTAKABBIR (The Majestic) AL-ALEEM (The All … Continue reading