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Allah’s love

There are few categories of individuals who are recipients of Allah’s love because of their deeds. One would think these positive statements of Allah’s love would bring us a revelation of the personal and infinite love of Allah to mankind. What we find are statements of conditional love based on human activity. 1. Allah ta’ala … Continue reading

This is love

by Yasmin Mogahed This is love. And so there are some who spend their whole lives seeking. Sometimes giving, sometimes taking. Sometimes chasing. But often, just waiting. They believe that love is a place that you get to: a destination at the end of a long road. And they can’t wait for that road to … Continue reading

The Sunnah of Love

by Yahya Adel Ibrahim. ‘Ali raḍyAllāhu ‘anhu came home one day from a journey that he had been dispatched on by the Prophet Muhammed ṣallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam, to find his wife, Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet, radiya Allahu ‘anha brushing her teeth with a siwak – twig of an Arak (Salvadora persica) tree … Continue reading


When a person experiences love, their whole life changes and they feel two extremes: – a sense of joy which can get so extreme where you feel that you can accomplish anything; –  feeling hopeless, exhausted and sad because the ‘other half’ isn’t there. The person usually experiences no.1 when they are with the person … Continue reading

It’s a Matter of Love

By Mehmudah Rehman Ever been in love? Stayed up nights thinking about the object of your adoration? Ever felt the helplessness, the vulnerability of falling in love? Ever felt your life was on a standstill, revolving as though in a strange cacophony of thoughts, emotions and words around the one you love? I’m talking about … Continue reading