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The Arabic word ” Islam ” comes from the Arabic root ” aslama ” which means peace and also submission/surrender of one’s will to the only true God . So , the religion of Islam is not named after a person or a people , nor was it decided by a later generation of men … Continue reading

Islamic points

The biggest problem with non-Muslims, is their lack of understanding and lack of knowledge as to what Islam is really all about and who the Muslims are supposed to be. Yet at the same time, believers have to defend themselves, their families and the religion itself, lest those who are not believers should remove belief … Continue reading

Points to be considered

The point of view which the Qur’an presents deserves serious consideration, to say the least, by those who are really concerned about God, faith and even Christianity itself for the following reasons: The Qur’an is the last version of God’s revelation and what it says is the ultimate truth. This might not mean much for … Continue reading

Does Religion Promote Violence?

By Muzammil H. Siddiqi Dr. Muzamil H. Siddiqi – who has a doctoral degree from Harvard – is a former president of ISNA, is a member of the Fiqh Council, and adjunct professor of comparative religion at California State University – Fullerton. Unfortunately, the charged atmosphere engendered by the Sep.11 tragedy has prompted media opinions, … Continue reading