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The Good Tree

Imagine a muslim as a tree..having as seed the shahadah affirmation of God’s unity which permeates and colours every cell . The roots , which nourish the tree and grant it stability , are the Articles of Faith : belief in God , in His angels , holy books , prophets , the Day of … Continue reading

A Letter from an English Muslim

WHY DO CHRISTIANS CLAIM THAT JESUS IS THE SON OF GOD? Dear sir, Assalamo Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah OPINION REGARDING THE DISCUSSION ON YOUR PROGRAM I was very interested in your discussion on TV since this is a topic which I have discussed many times, both as student of religion, and outside the learning environment, in … Continue reading

Islamic Months

Islamic months begin at sunset of the first day, the day when the lunar crescent is visually sighted. The lunar year is approximately 354 days long, so the months rotate backward through the seasons and are not fixed to the Gregorian calendar. The months of the Islamic year are: 1. Muharram (“Forbidden” – it is … Continue reading


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