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Spirituality in Ramadan during Menstruation and Postnatal Bleeding

While others will be busy in acts of worship such as fasting, praying, reading Qur’an, etc., most women will spend a portion of Ramadan in the state of menstruation (or postnatal bleeding), leaving them unable to participate in the aforementioned activities. It is not easy to stay positive at times like these, especially when we … Continue reading

20 Things Sisters can do for Islam in the West

Sisters, as much as brothers, are responsible for contributing to Islamic work in the west. There are a number of things that can be done on a personal, family and community level. 1. Remember you are a khalifa on earth Both men and women are appointed by Allah as His khalifa (trustees) on earth (Qur’an … Continue reading

Tips on How to be a Successful Wife

1.) Use your ‘Fitnah’ (beauty and overtures of allurement) to win the heart of your husband. All women have the ornaments that Allah blessed them with. Use the beauty Allah SWT has bestowed you with to win the heart of your husband. Dress up for your husband at home. Wear the colours and clothes that he … Continue reading

Women’s Status in Islam

Women have the following rights in Islam: equality of reward for equal deeds;  personal respect;  to express their opinion and be heard;  to participate fully in public life;  to obtain education: Women can be educated by men. The Prophet sent Umar Ibn al-Khattab to teach the women of the Ansar: It is reported by Umm … Continue reading

Women traveling alone

It is annoying when people say that women can’t travel alone i.e. without a mahram,  in any circumstance. Islam is easy, there are exceptions in all matters, depending on the specific situation. Related to this issue, there is Fatwa from IslamQA when She wants to migrate to a Muslim country without a mahram Also it … Continue reading


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